Providence Clinic Adds Third Provider

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Providence Clinic Adds Third Provider

Providence Clinic Adds Third Provider

Providence Clinic Adds Third Provider

Dr. Jeff Adams and Dr. Mike Dillard are pleased to welcome Charla Haun Olson, a licensed and board-certified family nurse practitioner, to the Providence Clinic provider team. She has more than six years of experience as an advanced practice nurse in the primary care pediatric setting as well as three years as a registered nurse in a pediatric emergency department.

She earned both her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and her Masters of Science in Nursing from Carson-Newman College.

“Charla is a well educated and impeccably trained clinician, and is such a tremendous asset to our group,” said Dr. Jeff Adams. “She projects intelligence and professionalism, instilling confidence in those under her care.“

Dr. Mike Dillard added, “Whether someone needs help battling a new sinus infection or recovering from a major surgery, she delivers excellent treatment in a timely manner. I know that she will be a benefit to many in our community and am delighted she has joined us at the Providence Clinic.”

Originally from the Morristown area, Charla holds a Tennessee Board of Nursing license as an Advanced Practice Nurse and Registered Nurse and is ANCC Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She is also an effective instructor/educator in the clinical and classroom settings.

The Providence Clinic is comprised of Lakeway Ear, Nose & Throat, Providence Allergy Clinic, and Providence Hearing Center. It is located at 220 Martin Luther King Parkway in Morristown. To schedule an appointment, call 423-587-1987.
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