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Q: Do I need to fast before scheduled tests with the Lab?
A: You need to be fasting if your provider tells you to be and you need to be fasting if you are having common tests performed such as a Complete Metabolic Panel, Basic, Glucose, or Lipid panel. Fasting means you can't eat or drink anything other than water for 8-12 hours prior to your tests. You may take any prescribed medicine as long as you take it with water only.
Q: Does someone with strep always have a fever?
A: Not necessarily. Strep can be present with many different symptoms, including (but not limited to) sore throat, ear ache, redness or sore inside mouth, and/or fever.
Q. If I get frequent frontal headaches, are these sinus headaches or migraines?
A: These are most likely migraines. Chronic sinus problems rarely cause headaches, but migraines can cause a stuffy nose, which is why people often mistake a migraine headache for sinus problems.
Q: What do I do if my blood sugar runs low?
A: You should drink orange juice or eat peanut butter and crackers. Wait ten minutes and check to see if your blood sugar has increased. If your blood sugar level has not increased, call your physician.
Q: What should I do if I am having chest pain, pain radiating down my arm, or shortness of breath?
A: You should go immediately to the emergency room. Call 911.
Q: What should I do if I canít be seen by my specialist?
A: You should see your primary care physician for any immediate medical needs.
Q: What is considered normal for cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure?
A: Normal for cholesterol is 0-200, normal for blood sugar is 70-110; the normal blood pressure is 120/80.
Q: I am allergic to Sulfa. Does the CT oral prep contain Sulfa?
A: This prep does not cause allergic reactions in patients with Sulfa allergies.
Q: Does the oral prep that I have to drink for my CT Scan cause diarrhea?
A: The oral prep is designed to coat your digestive tract. It may loosen your stool or make you a little gaseous, but it is not designed to cleanse your bowel.
Q: How long will it be before my doctor receives the results of this test?
A: Five days.
Q: When I take the pill for a Thyroid Uptake, will it be dangerous for me to be around other people?
A: No. The gamma radioactivity given off is too low to cause harm to anyone.
Q: Why can't the technologist performing the test tell me the results of what they see?
A: They are technologists, not doctors. A technologist performs the test and then a radiologist will read the study and dictate a report. The report is then sent to your doctor. Your doctor must be the one to give you the results of your test and discuss them with you.
Q: Why can't you give me a copy of the report?
A: A copy of the report must come from your provider. However, we are allowed to fax a copy to another provider if you request, or if the other provider calls to request it.

Physical Therapy FAQ

Q: Do I need a referral to come to Physical Therapy?
A: No, with most insurance companies, you can be evaluated and Physical Therapy treatment can be initiated without a direct referral from your Physician. A referral is required if your primary insurance is Medicare.
Q: Is Physical Therapy painful?
A: Physical Therapy should not be painful. Depending on your diagnosis/problem, Physical Therapy may be uncomfortable initially. Soreness should be expected, such as when beginning any new exercise program. However, Healthstar Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants respect your limitations and will progress your treatment program within your tolerance. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel and function better!
Q: Is Physical Therapy helpful?
A: Yes. Physical Therapy is helpful for many conditions. Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants are trained to improve body mechanics through increasing flexibility, strength, and stability to normalize movement and function while decreasing pain. Physical Therapists also provide you with education, so you can better understand your diagnosis and prevent re-occurrence of symptoms. For chronic pain/conditions, Physical Therapists can provide you with exercises and treatment techniques which you can continue independently at home to decrease your pain, improve your function, and, in many cases, prevent or delay further progression of the condition.

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