Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy

physical and occupational therapy

HealthStar Physical Therapy works directly with the physician; we are able to provide a well-rounded program of rehabilitation, education, prevention and fitness. We have a team of two physical therapists, Sandra Henderson, Director of Physical Therapy Services and Carri Martin, three physical therapy assistants and a complete office staff available to better serve the client.

We recently added an Occupational Therapist/Certified Hand Therapist, Caroline Knight, to our team to more fully address rehabilitation goals; she has extensive hand therapy and pediatric experience in the Lakeway area.

HealthStar Physical Therapy hours of operation are Monday – Friday 7:30am until 5:00pm.

What to Expect

  • Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Treatment Interventions
  • Patient Education
  • Exercise Program
  • Prevention & wellness
  • Rehabilitation
    • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
    • Post-Operative
    • Spine: Neck & Back
    • Neurological
  • Sports Medicine
  • Fall Prevention

Physical and occupational therapists are health care providers that work closely with your physicians by: Utilizing a team approach while maintaining an open line of communication between the therapist and physician to provide optimum patient care. Our therapists will provide education and instruction on specific exercises that will relieve your discomfort in the most effective way. Pain is often associated with an injury or surgery; exercise over a period of time will usually result in alleviating and/or eliminating your pain. Our therapists are trained to utilize and focus on very specific exercises, using a “hands-on” approach to alleviate your pain. By doing so you may return to your daily activities without discomfort.