Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine


If you’re an adult in search of a primary care physician, a HealthStar internist may be the best choice for you. Internists–the term for physicians specializing in internal medicine–work in a clinical setting focused on adults, with an emphasis in use of the best medical science available paired with developing thoughtful, meaningful doctor-patient relationships.


HealthStar Internists spend seven-plus years in medical school and postgraduate training, and they dedicate at least three of these years to learning how to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect adults, exclusively. This is the biggest difference between internists and doctors practicing family medicine; internists don’t typically treat children. 


Facts about HealthStar internists:


  • They aren’t the same as interns! Interns are in their first year of residency training, and internists have completed multiple years of training, and have clinical experience. 
  • Internists are sometimes called the “doctor’s doctor,” because they are often called upon to help other physicians in tricky diagnoses.
  • General internists are trained to diagnose and treat a broad and comprehensive range of illnesses that affect adults, including chronic illness.
  • Internists are also focused on preventive care and healthy lifestyle practices for their patients.
  • Although internists are often primary care physicians, they aren’t general practitioners, or family physicians–these doctors may also include pediatrics, obstetrics and surgery.


Unlike other types of healthcare providers, HealthStar internists aren’t limited to one type of medical condition or organ system. This can be especially helpful for patients who experience multiple health problems at once, or who have complicated health histories.


HealthStar internists are a good choice for primary care, because their unique training allows them to work with patients over the duration of their adult lives, and establish long-term relationships with their patients. 


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