HealthStar understands that, for parents, the most important question isn’t about what a pediatrician does. Instead, parents want to know, “Which pediatrician is the right one for my child?” You can rest assured that HealthStar pediatricians are compassionate experts, dedicated to your child’s health. 


You and your child will see their HealthStar pediatrician multiple times per year from birth to age two years. They will almost be like part of your family! From the ages of two to five years, and probably beyond, you’ll need to bring your child for annual well-child checkups. In addition to these scheduled visits, your pediatrician will be the first person you’ll contact whenever your child is sick.


HealthStar pediatricians are doctors specially trained to take care of the health of your whole child, including physical, behavioral and mental health concerns. While we’re extensively trained to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases, we know that health is so much more! HealthStar understands how important your child’s health is, and that’s why we work to make lasting relationships with our pediatric patients and their families. 


In addition to medical school, pediatricians have completed a three-year residency program in pediatrics. HealthStar pediatricians perform a number of essential services each visit, which may include:


  • Regular physical exams
  • Keeping up with your child’s vaccination schedule
  • Monitoring growth, behavior, and developmental milestones
  • Diagnosing and treating your child’s illnesses, infections, injuries, and other health concerns, and referring you to a specialist if necessary
  • Talking with you and your child about their health, safety, nutrition, and fitness


While HealthStar family medicine physicians are an excellent choice for your whole family’s healthcare, pediatricians are the only healthcare specialists trained to care for children, exclusively. Many parents prefer a dedicated, child-centered approach to their child’s healthcare. Regardless of the type of physician you choose for your child, HealthStar believes it’s never too early to begin a healthy patient-doctor relationship. 


As always, through HealthStar, you and your family can be confident with the support of a trusted network of healthcare specialists, throughout the Lakeway Area. 


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