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Eric Delay, MD

Internal Medicine

Comprehensive Care & Wellness

Phone: 423.581.2538

Sebastien Demoiny, MD


Phone: 423.581.5925

Donna Dillard, MD

Primary Care

Jefferson Family Physicians

Phone: 865.475.6565

Michael Dillard, MD

Ear Nose & Throat

The Providence Clinic

Phone: 423.587.1987

Marcella Dunaway, PhD

Clinical Psychology

Harris Clinic

Phone: 423.581.3939

Frank Ellis, MD

Women's Health


Phone: 423.492.8700

David Goldman, MD

Primary Care

Faculty Physicians

Phone: 865.588.1605

Shannon Hancock, MD

Primary Care

Merchants Greene Family Medicine

Phone: 423.586.1717

Dennis Harris, MD

Interventional Spine & Muskoskeletal Medicine

Harris Clinic

Phone: 423.581.3939

Michael Hood, MD

Primary Care

The Family Practice Center

Phone: 423.623.6240

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